7 Wedding Day Favor Ideas

By Dani Hart

When thinking about what kind of favors to have for all of your guests on your special day, our advice is to match the gift to some kind of memory that your guests might have of your special day. Whether that be to the venue, decor, or an experience that everyone shared on your day!

Here are some fun ideas to get you brainstorming…

Photo by jamie marie fischer

Photo by jamie marie fischer

1. Family recipe cards with canned jellies or ready to make bread mixes.

Passing on a recipe from both the bride’s family and the groom’s family can be help be a gesture to tie the knot between the two families moving forward into all the new memories that will be created! Food always brings people together, and so do weddings, so keep it going with a few new recipes!

2. Flowers, succulents, or wildflower seeds.

Each wedding is usually designed with the floral arrangements or greenery in mind… let your gets take this home with a plant they can continue growing!

3. Customized cups or glasses for guests to use during your wedding but also to take home!

This idea is efficient for the cost of your wedding day. If you are going to rent cups for each guest while also getting a gift for each, combining them can be the perfect solution to a limited budget!

4. Handmade Soaps with flowers that match the bridal bouquet.

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, customized blankets for each guest are a wonderful idea, for them to use and take home!

5. Handmade bracelets, keychains, or purse tassels.

Let your guests have a little fun doing an activity to take a gift that will always remind them of your day! These can be made with string and beads or stamped leather… an activity is always fun to add in to your wedding day schedule!

6. Personalized wine cork stoppers.

Everyone needs a wine stopper, so you can never go wrong with this wonderful gift.

7. Fresh honey from your farm venue or another keepsake that the venue provides.

Some venues that have farms include a gift option where you can have the venue provide personalized gifts of honey from their beehives or things similar to that. This makes your gift local and meaningful, but also takes all the stress off of you to put it all together!

photo by jamie marie fischer

photo by jamie marie fischer

Whatever you do, your guests will love it - so work within your budget and express your personality and have fun with it!