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Flowers are easily one of our favorite parts of a beautiful event, and one of the most dreamy parts to plan for a special day. We love working with local businesses and people we can trust. Emily Rose Floral Designs in Timnath, Colorado, is one of our go-to gals!

Keep reading below to learn more about her and her tips in planning your beautiful day!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself + what you do!

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Hello! My name is Emily Rose. I am the founder & designer behind Emily Rose Floral Design! We are located in Timnath Colorado (just east of Fort Collins) where our flower farm is located. Summer of 2019 we are moving into a design space at the historic Colorado Feed & Grain building in Timnath!  My passions for nature, gardens, color theory, Colorado grown flowers, & individual blooms all play a role in my personal design style and how flowers can be used to elevate spaces, add beauty to social affairs, and bring happiness to all who encounter them.

2. How did you get started?

I grew up in Colorado with a family that valued being outdoors and in the garden. I spent a lot of time helping my mother plant flowers, and my dad vegetables. The love for all things growing runs deep in my soul. I worked for a wedding florist in Denver for two wedding seasons and decided I wanted to pursue my own floral design endeavor.

3. What is your favorite part of being a floral designer?

My favorite part about being a floral designer is working with other creative people to put together divine events. My favorite moment at a wedding is that one moment right before the event begins and all the guests show up, when everyone's hard work comes together. The silverware is set, the candles are lit, & the flowers placed. Everything comes together and it is SO breathtakingly beautiful every time!

4. What is your favorite flower to put in the bride's bouquet?

Peonies in the spring. Roses in the summer. Dahlias in the fall.

5. Any favorite wedding floral trends for this summer season?

Locally grown flowers!

6. Favorite hobby other than making beautiful floral designs?

Gardening. There is something in my heart that needs to have my hands in the soil. It is so rewarding to grow something magnificent that started as a tiny little seed.

7. What is one tip you have for engaged couples planning their wedding?

Hire professionals to take care of you on your wedding day and plan ahead! Your family & friends may offer to help but your day should be spent together having fun not running around setting up & cleaning!

8. What tips do you have for couples choosing the types of flowers and greenery for their wedding, and when should a couple begin this planning process with a designer?

My first tip would be to do some quick google/pinterest searches on styles / colors the couples like. Decide what is most important to the couple's individual style & have a realistic budget in mind.  Meet with your florist ideally a year - 8 months out from the wedding date and HAVE FUN!!!

Emily Rose Floral Design

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