Something Old, New, Borrowed, & Blue

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

By Dani Hart

Some of my favorite things about weddings are what makes them unique and special to the bride and groom. Vintage traditions are one way couples incorporate those special touches that make their day all the more meaningful.

Photo | Abi Lafleur

Photo | Abi Lafleur

This tradition goes back to the Victorian era and is a phrase of good luck for the future of the bride and groom. Each piece of the phrase has its own meaning and significance and can be represented in many different ways on a wedding day.

Something Old: this signifies the lasting relationship and bond between the bride and her birth family and how the bride will continue to be the person she has become in her new marriage. It is a symbol of continuity between the bride being single and married. This can be signified on a wedding day in a number of ways! A family heirloom jewelry piece, a piece of an old wedding dress or vintage ga\rment from the family’s history that is incorporated in the bride’s new gown or in the decor, a vintage handkerchief, or any other special and significant touch from the bride’s family history.

Something New: this signifies all of the newness and optimism for all of the life that the new couple will experience in their marriage. This is often represented in a new beautiful bridal gown, gorgeous shoes, or potentially in a piece of jewelry. Another tradition that could be fun to establish in your family is to pass down the “new” jewelry to be the “old” at the next wedding in your generation of a daughter or granddaughter. One of my favorite ways I have seen this tradition incorporated is with the embroidery of the bride’s new name into the inside of the wedding gown, where it is unseen but will always remain a part of the dress as it will the bride’s name.

Something Borrowed: this item symbolizes a wish of happiness for the new couple. The borrowed item, traditionally, comes from a happily married woman. Along with the wish for happiness, it can also symbolize all of the time and help borrowed by those who support the couple when they are in need or will encounter a trial in their life that they need support in. Many choose to symbolize this in a borrowed jewelry piece, a special recipe in their menu, or maybe a stylish jacket if it is chilly outside. There are so many unique ways to incorporate this tradition!

Something Blue: this part of the tradition symbolizes purity of the marriage, enduring love, and the permanence of the relationship. Fun ways to incorporate this tradition could be in a blue garter, some colorful shoes, perhaps blue flowers in your arrangements or on the centerpieces, in jewelry, or hair pins. I love this most when it is a subtle touch of blue yet intentional and elegant. A bride could also choose to use the color blue for the embroidery stitching used for the something new example!

Photo | The delacastros

Photo | The delacastros

Finally, a second part of the phrase that is less well known today is “and a sixpence in your shoe.” This part of the tradition is unique in different parts around the world, but it signifies the hope for the couple’s wealth - both in their finances and in the depth of their relationship. Traditionally, this was represented in a coin actually being in the bride’s shoe! A fun way to add this tradition to a wedding nowadays is to engrave a coin with the bride and groom’s initials and wedding date, or perhaps the coordinates of their ceremony!

These simple yet special touches are what make your wedding day so unique and memorable! Get creative and have some fun with it, or maybe even create a new tradition of your own.