4 Tips for Hosting a Great Dinner Party

Photo by the delacastros

Photo by the delacastros

In my opinion, a good dinner party is hard to beat - I love attending them, and truly enjoy hosting them. I believe creating a space for people to connect is an art form.

We’ve all been to an awkward dinner party (and if you haven’t, then you’ve seen the Dinner Party episode of The Office), so in order to avoid that, I’ve created a list of 4 tips to creating a beautiful space for your guests that will also inspire connection and meaningful conversation.

1. Figure Out Your Event Needs

Creating a simple and welcoming dinner table starts with assessing your basic needs and then fulfilling them through a clean + simple design. Below are some example questions to ask before you begin.

What is the shape of your table?

How many guests will be attending? Sometimes smaller is better, keeping your guestlist manageable can be beneficial for different reasons.

How formal do you want your event to feel?

What is the occasion? Or can you create a theme, or something to celebrate when there is no occasion?

What’s on the menu? Will you need soup bowls? Dessert Plates?

Will you assign seating for your guests?

How intimate do you want your event to do?

What’s on the drink menu? How many glasses will you need for guests?

Photo by Jamie Marie Fischer

Photo by Jamie Marie Fischer

Are you dining outside? Will paper napkins blow away?

2. Create Balance

Create balance within your tablescape by using a variety of shapes, colors + textures. This will create a lively look. Make sure to find balance within your patters. For example; if you’re using a bright + bold pattern for your napkins, use a simpler tablecloth or no tablecloth at all.

Alternate Table Runners / Cloths -

Craft paper (this gives you the space to add handwritten/pained personalization!)d


Sheer Bed Sheets

Simply laying leaves / foliage to create a basic garland

Wooden Plank  

Candlelight is a great way to add some balance to your table (it also adds ambiance).

3. Make Sure You Have a Good Base to Build From

I am a sucker for a nice wooden table (which is why I decided to work with my stepdad to build my own) If you have a good base to build your tables cape design on, you’ve already done so much work! Our rentable Farmhouse tables are the perfect base for any event. They seat 6 - 8 people, keeping the space intimate but also with enough room to inspire connections. You can learn more about our rental options here.

4. Add Botanicals

Photo By The Delacastros

Photo By The Delacastros

I try to follow the rule “less is more” when it comes to decorating a dinner table. It’s easy for your table space  to become a hodgepodge of colored linens, glassware, flowers, and decor. So if you have the desire to exhibit every dining - related thing that you own, take a step back and remind yourself that there is beauty in simplicity - especially in a space that’s meant to inspire connection.

Adding natural elements will make your table come alive. These come in all different forms – veggie’s, leaves, a bowl of lemons, ect,. Even clipping a bit of greenery from your backyard can be a great way to add some texture and life to your table.

Make sure that all botanicals are being placed so that they encourage conversation within the table, instead of blocking it. Always make sure to keep them “low + lush.” For this reason, I usually prefer to use simple garland whenever it’s possible.