Table Setting | Formal vs Informal

Dinner Table Setting

Holidays are approaching, so it’s time to set the table!
It’s not just weddings you have to consider when setting the table properly, but every occasion.

Once your event is determined, plan your menu! This will help you have an understanding of everything you will need to ‘WOW” your guests as they take a seat to eat.

Where to begin:

Dinner Party Event Design

Deciding how formal your event will be is the first step. There are three main table settings:

  1. Formal

  2. Informal

  3. Basic

Formal table settings are popular with black-tie weddings, large holiday meals, or any special occasion where several course will be served.

Informal the most common setting. You will see this  at more casual weddings, dinner parties, and any smaller gatherings.

Basic the simplified version of informal; brunches, casual dinner parties, or candle lit dinners at homes, or a last minute frozen lasagna and a bottle of wine with friends.

My Go To Table Setting

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Dinner party looks

Place Setting