Sending Thanks

See? Breathtakingly Beautiful. 

See? Breathtakingly Beautiful. 

I love the wedding industry - you have the opportunity to connect with so many incredible people in the most amazing circumstances. The first time I met Michelle Delacastro she was the photographer for a wedding that I helped coordinate. The moment I met her I immediately decided that I was going to keep her - she is breathtakingly beautiful, but more than that, she radiates love and compassion. Through out the rest of wedding season, our paths continually crossed until eventually I was part of the team that planned her wedding. From that point forward, she has become a good friend of mine, and someone I would, without hesitation,  recommend working with.  

About a month ago Michelle asked me if I would help her design client appreciation gifts for her brides. Of course I agreed, & we began planning.

Personally, I believe client appreciation gifts to be the greatest investment of your marketing dollars, especially in the wedding industry. We hear over & over how our brides hired us because they heard a good review about our services, or they heard this or that about a wedding we were a part of. I believe it is absolutely critical to love the clients that you work with. For many of us, they are the ones who (literally) put food on our table. They are the ones who allow us to spend our summers celebrating the happiest days of their lives (and call it a “job”). Without them, all of us creatives would be sitting behind a desk somewhere, wondering “what if…” 

So one way I would suggest loving them, is client appreciation gifts. For Michelle, this meant finding a way to reflect on her brand in the form of a gift box for her brides. We carefully curated individual products, including homemade vanilla candles & handmade soaps, and put them together to create a gift filled with love.

I absolutely loved helping create & design these gift boxes. If this is something you’d be interested in, but don’t feel like you have the time to do them yourself, I would love to help you design some… Send me a note.