5 Tips for Creating a Wedding Mood Board

By Dani Hart

Putting together a mood board is a fun way to see all of the dreams you have for your special day in one place. It can help inspire you and guide you as you make wedding day decor decisions. We encourage you to represent your own style in your wedding + to be bold! Here our our tips for the perfect spring wedding day mood board:

  1. First things first, color! Most colors chosen for spring weddings are very similar: yellow, pink, white, orange, purple, blue, green… anything pastel or bright will do! Don’t be scared to embrace different textures also to spice it up a bit! Our favorite texture matches to a spring color palette are found in unique leaf textures, distressed wood for decor or the altar, and lace anything! Keep in mind, these images don’t have to be of the exact details you will include in your wedding… as long as they show they feature how you want your wedding day to look and feel, then you are good to go!

  2. The venue! Make sure your spring venue showcases lots of natural light and plants or trees everywhere! We think having an earlier ceremony in the spring helps to showcase those natural elements and brighten up the day. Include a photo of the lighting at your venue on your mood board. You can find this on a venue’s website or by taking your own photo when you tour your venue.

  3. Designing a save-the-date to match your special day can give your guests a sneak-peek of what to expect. Then, create a mood board photo just for your save-the-date! Here are some details to include in our save-the-date mood board photo: ribbon and lace, a flower or two, greenery, a textured surface for the layout to be on such a farmhouse wood table, and finally, a calligraphy pen to express authenticity. Include this photo on your wedding mood board for a personalized touch!

  4. A welcome sign is another great touch to a mood board! For the spring, we love simple yet noticeable welcome signs. Chalkboard welcome signs or just plain white signs with elegant calligraphy and a bit of greenery around the edge is our favorite!

  5. The cake! Everything is always better with dessert. Our favorite spring wedding cakes are simple and white with the addition of flowers that match your bridal bouquet to highlight their color and beauty. We also love cakes with texture in the frosting, even just a simple ruffle or polka-dot texture can be fun.

Keep in mind, these images that make up your mood board don’t have to be of the exact details you will include in your wedding… as long as they feature touches of the spring wedding day you’re dreaming of, then you are good to go!