Introducing Our Summer Intern, Emma!


We are SO excited to welcome Emma to our team! 

Emma is pursuing an Interior Design major at Colorado State University! She grew up in the Bay area & has always been inspired by the environment that surrounds her. This lead to her passion of design & all things related to it. She believes that our surroundings have a huge impact on our outlook, personality, and feelings in that moment. That is why design can profoundly affect one's life.

The mountains & the coast are really what fuel the inspiration behind her work. She loves to see people be the happiest they can be in an environment. Her life motto will always be, "do what you love." Hopefully, if you are doing what you love the success and happiness will follow. 

Emma will be interning with us all summer! Make sure to say "hello" if you see her around this summer! 


A Few of Her Favorite Things - dancing like no one is watching, laughter, basically any dog in the world, Audrey Hepburn, music that gives you the chills, and a mix of old and new.