Year in Review

What an exciting year it has been! Here are a few of my biggest 2016 moments. 

1.Spent another year in our gorgeous home. 2.Another year adventuring with my (hottie) husband. 3.Said "goodbye" to our sweetest friend. 4.Said "hello"to a new friend. 5. Helped some kick - ass brides plan some kick - ass weddings! 6.Started a business. 7-9. Visited Iceland with one of my favorite humans. 10. Loved Colorado. 11.Saw The Lumineers at Red Rocks. 12.Watched a beautiful baby turn one. 13.Zip lined through Colorado Springs. 14.Celebrated another birthday with my baby brother. 15&16.Planned my dream styled shoot. 17-21. Spend the Holidays exploring more of Kenya & Cape Town.